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re: "Our Greatest National Security Threat"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 8:36:38 AM Admin

Thanks for you story Melody.  Right now, Social Security Disability Insurance is the fastest growing portion of the Federal Government!  Lawyers are playing the system like a fiddle and the taxpayer is footing the bill.  I look forward to tackling this cynical practice of taking accountability away from the guilty and laying the costs on us.  Please visit me in Washington once I'm elected.  Best of luck!  Larry

re: "Our Greatest National Security Threat"

Saturday, February 18, 2012 8:56:42 AM Melody McGinnis

The first line should state, "Another threat that matters"   

re: "Our Greatest National Security Threat"

Saturday, February 18, 2012 8:54:41 AM Melody McGinnis

Another threat Mat is Social Security and taking care of our seniors.  Want to reform Social Security, investigate how many companies harm employees and then push them to the point they lose everything and have to go on Social Security.  My husband has lead poisoning and fibrosis and the company is trying to shun the responsibly of his medical and  physiological  needs and push him over on Social Security.  When we refused, we were asked by the attorney why care who pays the bills as long as they are paid.  I don't think we should have to put the responsibility of their negligence over on someone else.  However, after researching this, this appears to be the norm.  It must be something within the Workers Compensation Commission to do this so that the employers are protected.  This needs to be investigated and when companies are held accountable, they will begin to ensure the safety of their employees.  In my husband's case, they released the gases and chemicals out into the air and down the drains.  Chemicals like zinc, mercury, sulfuric acid, lead dust and etc.......  When we called OSHA after my husband was diagnosed with nerve damage and psychological problems the company was cited for eight different safety violations.  The WCC has allowed this to be delayed now for going on eight years.  When I brought it up in court they haven't paid anything for my husbands needs in those eight years, the insurer was never charged with contempt of court.  They have been granted continuance after continuance and we read a letter written by Micheal Galey who stated that our attorney could have opposed those at any time.  We have also found that having attorney's in charge of attorneys is not a good thing because we had another case where an attorney forged my husband's name to documentation and submitted to the AGO and the AGO said the attorney did nothing wrong. 

We need reform, however we need those who have been allowed to misuse and abuse the system held accountable.  When I questioned the doctor report submitted to the WCC by the insurer, and proved to our attorney these records were falsified, he refuses to reveal this in court.  Another attorney told me that falsified report is nothing, they do it because they work for the insurer.  I said but you can prove they are lies yet you have withheld information from the court.  I ask him why, he said he can't make excuses.  So I sent the reports straight to the Commissioners office, they next court hearing, she gave the reports back to our attorney and didn't keep them.  He came back and threw them in front of me trying to intimidate me because I sent them.  However, I'm not easily intimidated.  He then gave me the packet.  I gladly took it because in his haste, he didn't see that it was stamped and signed received by the court.  Our attorney has assured me he don't have a health problem that is stopping him from addressing this case properly.  We have tried to obtain other legal counsel but after talking to him no one will take the case, plus they would have split the money with him.  Our attorney has tried everything to keep this out of the Circuit Court and keep it at the WCC.  He has not showed up for court, showed up with his pants unzipped and his shirt hanging out, he has withheld information from the court, and he refuses to address the falsified doctors reports submitted by the insurer and tells us that we need to settle and let Social Security take care of him.   

We need reform we need this people to be held accountable for the job they are called to do.  At our last mediation, they want us to settle for $50,000 (which won't pay for his medical needs)  and let Social Security take care of him.  When I asked who would be refunding Social Security back the money they have paid my husband, I was told no one pays them back, that is what it is there for.   Is this what it is there for, for companies to push their neglect over on those tax payers who have worked to pay into Social Security to take care of them when they get old.  

We need help to fight this.   Any one out there who can help or want to know our story feel free to contact me at

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