The Great Debate, March 15th, @ Del Capri


Free State Patriots, a state-wide non-partisan group in Maryland, has endorsed Larry Smith as its candidate for US Congress in District 02.  This endorsement was made after an inclusive, consensus vetting process based on the group's stated commitment to the principles of liberty and limited government as set forth in the US Constitution.  FSP President Lee Havis summarized their endorsement this way:  "Mr. Smith demonstrates a high level of understanding of the issues. Most importantly for me, is his ability to effectively communicate his views in a clear, intelligent manner. Larry's background of duty, leadership and integrity is evident in his years of service to our country as a military officer, and more recently, as a Congressional staffer.”


Dr. Cardarelli's Endorsement at Campaign Kickoff



      Why Leadership Matters ... Why 2012 Matters


   Perfect three minute expose on America's situation...

An inspiring Soliloquy by Larry's old boss...


Larry's Appearances on "Purple Elephant Radio"

    December 20, 2011                           February 28, 2012 (Go to time mark 13:30)     


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