Everyone wants a Clean Environment

Including me!  And anyone who thinks Americans don't want clean air, water and land is a fool.  The closest thing to heaven on earth that I've found is a cross-country ride through beautiful country on a spirited horse.  I will stand up to business interests that overstep their bounds.  I support the EPA's efforts to finally get scrubbers installed in all coal plants -- building new plants wherever such installations are not cost effective because the plants are so old.  Unfortunately, too much environmental planning focuses on cost prohibitive solutions, resulting in colossal wastes of time and effort ... and unused plans collecting dust.  Americans will keep their environment clean.  They just need their government to orchestrate the effort and publicize the success stories, while shaming -- and when necessary, punishing -- the polluters.

Chesapeake Bay (Nutrient Runoff & Sewage Spillovers) requires a watershed-wide approach featuring:

*  Rebates on fertilizer purchases if accompanied by soil tests – surtaxes if not

*  Systematic upgrades of city sewer systems

*  A regional “cap & trade” system to reduce wastewater treatment plant emissions