Cooperate where you Can ... Take a Stand where you Must


The Primary Role of Federal Government...

We must stop apologizing for America’s principles and values.  We must support our friends and allies better, while letting our enemies know exactly what will and will not be tolerated.  Successful foreign policy does not require a predictable future… It requires maintaining the capacity to defend ourselves, clearly expressing where we stand, and forging principled alliances.  Foreign aid must serve as a cost effective means of preventing war, and be strictly limited to countries who respect human rights.        

Be Strong, Be Clear

Military action is but one tool in our foreign policy chest.  The greatest war that President John Adams ever won was the open war with France he successfully and honorably avoided fighting in 1800.  Going forward in a world of limited resources, America must  "right-size” its military to meet its worldwide threats and stand tall with its friends.  We must fund capabilities, not arbitrary baselines.  Our values, interests and red lines should be clear; but our strategy – including withdrawal dates – should always be a mystery...

Intelligence Reform

Intelligence isn't any help if the operators--the front line soldiers--never see it.  A significant disconnect exists between the Intelligence Community, which exchanges most of its information on the Top Secret "JWICS" network, and the consumers of that intelligence who communicate over the Secret "SIPRNET" network.  Whenever a crisis arises, too often Top Secret intelligence can't be downgraded quickly enough to be shared in enough time to make a difference.  The National Security Agency (NSA) solved this problem by directing its analysts to create a Secret "tear line" at the bottom of their Top Secret reports.  Doing so makes critical information readily available to the people who need it most.  This practice must be extended across the other intelligence agencies too -- DIA, CIA, NGA, etc.