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Upon Swear-in, I will Co-Sponsor or Introduce Legislation that Promotes:

1.  Embracing North American Energy:  HR 909 (Roadmap for America's Energy Future); HR 1380 (Natural Gas for Transportation Solutions Act); HR 4402 (National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act); and HR 3548 (North American Energy Access Act)

2.  Improve the Affordable Care Act with tort reform; interstate health insurance exchanges that have no minimum insurance policy mandates for small businesses or religious institutions; high-risk pools for pre-existing conditions; family plans for kids under 27; no IPAB (HR 452); etc.

3.  Reducing America’s Corporate Tax Rate:  HR 609 (American Competitiveness Act)

4.  Right-Sizing GovernmentHR 1782 (Reduce Government Waste and Duplication per GAO Report) and picking from Senator Tom Coburn’s over $9 trillion deficit reduction menu, “Back in Black

5.  ** FIXED!! ** Reining in the Alternative Minimum Tax:  HR 3747 (Increase the AMT Exemption Amount and Index it for Inflation)

6.  Ending Illegal Immigration by mandating E-Verify (HR 800) and allowing illegals with employer sponsors the opportunity to work off $5,000 illegal entry fines and become taxed guest workers

7.  Attracting/Retaining High-Skilled Immigrants:  HR 399 (Stopping Trained in America Ph.D.’s from Leaving the Economy (STAPLE) Act)

8.  Reforming Entitlements by preserving Medicare with the Seniors' Choice Act; block granting state Medicaid supports (HR 2013); and gradually raising Social Security's retirement age to 70 (HR 867) and adjusting its taxable wages cap -- up or down -- as needed for solvency 

9.  Fully Auditing the Federal ReserveHR 459 (Federal Reserve Transparency Act)  ** Successfully Passed the House! **

10.  Ending Hyper-Partisanship by instructing members of Congress, “No budget, no pay!” (HR 3643)

11.  Requiring 60% Bi-Cameral Majorities to Pass Deficit Spending:  House Joint Resolution #2

12.  Establishing Term Limits that no reasonable person can oppose:  House - 20 years; Senate - 30 years.  Such limits would today remove 49 Representatives and 6 Senators.  Senator Mikulski would be serving her last term...

From 12 to 21!

  1. Tax Reform:  reduce our unsustainable borrowing by ending ethanol, oil company & hedge fund subsidies and limiting the mortgage interest deduction to $250K on a primary residence
  2. Veterans:  ensure sufficient administrative capacity at VA; fund "concurrent receipt" for all disabled veterans (HR 303)
  3. Second Amendment:  vigilantly protect the inherent right of responsible adults to defend themselves and their families
  4. Intelligence:  adopt National Security Agency's practice of including tear lines* on all Intelligence Information Reports community-wide
    [* Tear Lines specify allowable verbiage for communicating the essence of a highly classified message at lower classifications]
  5. American Business Liberty:  allow American companies to freely expand within America:  HR 1976 (Jobs Protection Act)
  6. Presidential Appointments:  require Senate to call an up or down vote within 90 days of each Presidential nomination
  7. Giving Kids a Fair Start:  promote pre-kindergarten education (HR 555) to reduce our dropout rate and avoid much higher social costs later on
  8. Mr. Smith's Rule:  Require real (not virtual) filibusters and end filibusters on motions to proceed
  9. Reform NDAA:  Strike the words, "or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners" from the National Defense Authorization Act.  Such a phrase is WAY TOO VAGUE, and threatens law-abiding Americans who may contact, even unknowingly, the enemies (real or perceived) of a particular majority in power at the time.

** For information on each bill go to

re: Larry Smith's Top 12 Legislative Priorities

Thursday, February 09, 2012 9:18:52 AM Alex McClung
A good leader is educated on the subject matter and knows his position on the issues. Well stated candidate Smith.
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